Need to hassle your students about showing up to that 7 AM boot-camp? No better way than through a push notification. Post class schedules, send out last-minute updates, and generate feedback — all in one place.

  • Integrate your online class schedule
  • Offer mobile app discounts and app-only coupons
  • Post workout videos and playlists
  • Share exercise tips in a variety of formats
  • Sell gear and company merchandise in-app
  • Generate client feedback
  • Promote your business with sharing features
  • And More…

Why Your Fitness Club Needs a Mobile App

Resolution-chasers and gym rats alike need a way to plug in. Signing someone up for a monthly membership doesn’t seal the deal, especially in a highly competitive industry like fitness. It’s critical that your club stick out in the crowd, and offering mobile app promotions, progress tracking, and nutrition & workout info helps you stay ahead of the game.

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