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To give you the best digital experience of a musician mobile app, we’ve created multiple mobile app development and utilization examples to explain in detail how effective our features can be. John Blek & The Rats uses their mobile app to engage fans with their Youtube account. This helps them increase video views and reach new fans.

Designed For Your Business

We’ll start with a beautiful modern home screen that will be relative in design to your business theme or website. Information displayed can be anything related to your business. Home page background can animate or fade to a variety of different images.


Custom branded menu with tons of tabs that can added to your mobile app at anytime.


Detail information on where your brand is from. From the mobile app, fans can call, email, get GPS directions, or visit your website.


The Music tab is a great way to share and sell tracks inside your mobile app. You can import, upload, or link to music files iTunes to easily integrate them within the app.


A YouTube Channel tab is a great way to display your brand’s YouTube channel in a clean, accessible format right through the app.

Musician Info

Included information about you or your band. Create a page for each member or all.


List your weekly specials or upcoming events using this feature. Your customers will be kept up-to-date with the ability to add those events to their personal calendar.


Display pictures of your business, customers in your establishment, menu items or photos from past events, all optimized for the iPhone, Android, and iPad platform.

Social Connect

Users can sync their Facebook and Twitter accounts within your app. This pulls their profile photo and name, which displays, along with their comments and posts throughout the app. It’s also a great tool for seamless activity sharing and tracking.

Mailing List

Stay in contact with your customers by gathering names and email addresses directly inside your application.

Loyalty Program

The Loyalty feature allows users to have an in-app version of a traditional stamp or punch card. Rather than pulling out the hole-puncher or scribbling an easy-to-forge symbol, the vendor punches the secret code into the customer’s phone to add a “stamp.” Once users have reached the required number of “stamps,” they’ll unlock the deal. This deal can be redeemed immediately or saved for later.

Social Network

Integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Yelp, YouTube or Instagram page to connect with your consumers through their favorite social media sites.

QR Coupon

This feature utilizes your mobile device’s camera, and allows users to collect coupon scans right through the app. With QR Coupons, you can provide easily accessible coupons to your users. Each scan of the code will get the app users one step closer to a reward.

Email Forms

The Email Form is a great solution for generating customer feedback, taking information/bookings, and gathering info from users in general.

Submit Photo

Users have the ability to email photos directly from the mobile app. For instance, if you named a tab “Party Cam” for your mobile app, users could email photos of their favorite moments, which the business could post on their Facebook page.

Push Notifications

Send GPS push notification messages to your customers whenever you like. You can send a message within seconds or choose to have a message go out on a certain day and time. With the ability to focus on your target area by specifying the GPS area. The message screen shot on the right displays all the recent push notification messages that were previously sent out. This is viewable within the mobile app.

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